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The serialized audio version of Sean Carabini's latest Travel book, American Road

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Sunday Mar 30, 2014

Sub title: How I learned to stop worrying and learned to love it when a buffalo hits your car.... and so it happened.The Buffalo - they found me. And they got me *cough* ...Tell my parents that I ... I ...And a great mooing went up over the Wyoming sky ... (assuming that's the noise buffalo make ...)

Sunday Mar 02, 2014

This episode sees me lose my car in a plume of Volcano steam, go to extraordinary lengths to set up a terrible pun and visit one of the geological wonders of the world ... Enjoy.If you like this, be sure to tell your friends about it. If you hate this, be sure to tell your enemies about it.

American Road, Chapter 21

Wednesday Jan 08, 2014

Wednesday Jan 08, 2014

Lucanman versus Probability. What's the likelihood of being struck by lightning while being simultaneously chased by a herd of buffalo at Old Faithful? Join Seán and find out ...

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